Burkitt’s Lymphoma Fund for Africa

December 7, 2014
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December 9, 2014
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Burkitt’s Lymphoma Fund for Africa


Burkitt’s Lymphoma Fund for Africa

Burkitt’s Lymphoma Fund for Africa (BLFA) funds programs designed to diagnose and treat children with Burkitt’s Lymphoma in East Africa – the most aggressive and common pediatric cancer in this region. BLFA works to ensure that patients and their families receive medical, social, economic, and logistical support needed to help them successfully complete treatment under the care of well-trained medical staff. They work with partners in Kenya and Tanzania, and in concert with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Kampala, Uganda.

Improving Treatment and Diagnosis for Children

With BLFA support, patient care has been improved in East Africa through:
•    Training for physicians and other practitioners to deliver care that is consistent 24 hours per day.
•    Up-to-date treatment protocols so that the children in this region can be treated with the same care as children in wealthier countries.
•    Dramatically improved facilities for care delivery.
•    Supplementary nutritional support to keep the children healthy during and after treatment.
“Every child battling the most common pediatric cancer in Africa deserves a chance to get effective medical treatment.  Our job is to make that happen.”
BLFA’s next goal is to reduce delays in treatment. Through community outreach, they hope to get children with cancer into treatment as soon as possible because early treatment is crucial to success.

In the coming year BLFA aims to dramatically improve pathology – testing to determine cancer type – through partnerships with the local pathology practice PhenoPath and international pathology companies. This will result in far superior and faster diagnoses, allowing appropriate treatment to begin sooner and with more likelihood of success. Given the aggressive nature of this disease, improved testing can mean the difference between life and death.




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