December 14, 2014
December 16, 2014
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EarthCorps is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing intensive, hands-on leadership training through Puget Sound habitat restoration. AmeriCorps members and international participants come to EarthCorps to develop their skills in leadership, habitat restoration, and community building.

Lucia Toledo

Descending from a long line of strong women role models in Bolivia, Lucia Toledo developed a heart of compassion, a desire to improve her community, and the perseverance to achieve her dreams. Lucia earned her degree in agronomy before coming to Seattle to take part in EarthCorps’ environmental leadership program.
Lucia’s hope is to establish a cooperative that supports farmers and improves people’s lives.
At EarthCorps, Lucia spent six months working with 42 millennials from the U.S. and around the world to
improve salmon streams and Puget Sound shorelines, construct hiking trails in the Cascade Mountains, and plant hundreds of native plants with volunteers in neighborhood parks. Next year, as a member of EarthCorps’ volunteer team, Lucia will hone her leadership and technical skills at more than 200 public volunteer events in the greater Puget Sound, serving upwards of 10,000 community members.

Lucia aspires to apply the leadership and technical skills that she gained at EarthCorps to her community in Bolivia. Her hope is to establish a cooperative that supports farmers and improves people’s lives by showing them ways to grow and sell sustainable agricultural products like avocados, coffee, and chocolate. She believes that economic development and environmental sustainability can coexist for the benefit of the whole community.



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