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December 8, 2014
December 10, 2014
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Etta Projects

Etta Projects improves water, sanitation and health in rural Bolivia.  Empowerment, education, improved infrastructure, and local partnerships are key ingredients that Etta Projects implements to promote vibrant, healthy communities.

Martha, Health Promoter Trainee

Health promoters are trained by Etta Projects for three years to provide basic health care services including emergency first response, administration of medications, and oversight of village health.  To date, Etta Projects has trained more than 75 health promoters in 19 villages serving over 8,000 people who previously had no access to health care.
“I am studying nursing and my kids see me as an example.”
“Before I became a health promoter, I spent all my time in the house or in the sugar cane fields doing heavy labor,” says Martha, a health promoter trained by Etta Projects. “Now, I am studying nursing and my kids see me as an example. My husband is learning to accept my independence; this is a big change in our very traditional culture.”

Now that Martha’s life has changed, she is equipped with the skills to make a difference in her community: “As a health promoter, I delivered a baby in the ambulance at 11 pm one night! The ambulance driver arrived at my house and said, ‘Someone needs you, I can’t find a doctor and I don’t know if I can get this mom to the hospital in time.’ The hospital was over an hour away and the baby was close. My training made the difference for those two lives.”




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