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December 1, 2014
December 3, 2014
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Global Partnerships


Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit impact investor that invests in sustainable solutions to help impoverished people earn a living and improve their lives. GP’s investments are focused on four impact areas: health services, rural livelihoods, microentrepreneurship, and green technology.

Greenlight Planet, A Social Enterprise

One of Global Partnerships’ newest and most promising investments is in Greenlight Planet (GLP), a social enterprise that manufactures and distributes solar lights for low-income communities in the developing world. Though headquartered in Mumbai, GLP’s reach has expanded beyond India into sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and recently Latin America.
Sustainable solutions that help impoverished people improve their lives
GLP’s growing success can be partly attributed to their dedication to serving client needs. For example, their SunKing Pro (SKP) solar light is compact and durable, and has a gauge to help clients understand where to charge their lamps in order to get the maximum power and yield the most hours of light. These extra hours of illumination at night allow microentrepreneurs to run their businesses and children to study. Solar lights are also cheaper over time than the most common alternative—expensive and dangerous kerosene lanterns.

One challenge that GLP faces is expanding their distribution footprint in Latin America, where 24 million people lack access to electricity. Global Partnerships approved an investment of up to $1 million in GLP, which will help them expand distribution in the region, and offer more flexible payment terms to select distribution partners. This will provide more families living in remote, un-electrified communities with access to clean, affordable lights.




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