December 15, 2014
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December 17, 2014
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iLEAP prepares and sustains people to lead social change. Our mission is to inspire and renew social leaders and global citizens through integrated leadership programs that ignite hope and transformation in the world.

Channsitha Mark

Channsitha “Sitha” Mark is the program advisor at Swe Tha Har Social Services Myanmar, a network of volunteers and staff, all of whom share a common interest in building peaceful relationships among people from diverse backgrounds.
“iLEAP has raised my capacity as a young leader in my community and country.”
Sitha’s dedication and commitment to peacebuilding and social change has taken her outside of her home country of Cambodia to Myanmar. “My participation in iLEAP has raised my capacity as a young leader in my community and country... It is a space for leaders to come together to act for social change in each of the member countries, as well as the region.” Sitha is a graduate of the iLEAP Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (SALI), an integrated training and social investment designed to amplify the capacities of the next generation of social leaders in Southeast Asia. Over a five-year period (2013-17), iLEAP is training and partnering with more than 80 social leaders from Southeast Asia. SALI will ensure that young participants have the practical skills, critical perspectives, and a global and regional community of partners needed to sustain and expand their initiatives in rapidly changing Southeast Asia.



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