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December 10, 2014
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Mobility Outreach International


Mobility Outreach International

Mobility Outreach International (MOi) enables mobility in neglected areas of the world by building the capacity of local individuals to provide orthopedic rehabilitation services.  MOi envisions a world where everyone is physically mobile and independent.

Lo Van Thanh

Lo Van Thanh was born in a remote region of northern Vietnam with clubfoot in his left foot. Doctors did not know how to treat his condition and his parents feared he would never walk.  Eight months later, Mobility Outreach International (MOi) trained and educated local practitioners in the Ponseti method, which enabled them to treat and correct Lo Van Thanh’s clubfoot.
Lo Van Thanh is unaware of the life of physical disability and social isolation he escaped.
Today, Lo Van Thanh is an energetic eight-year-old who enjoys playing with his younger brother. With barely any recollection of his treatment, Lo Van Thanh is unaware of the life of physical disability and social isolation he escaped – a life that tragically awaits the majority of children born with clubfoot in the developing world.  

Clubfoot affects approximately 200,000 children a year. The condition causes one or both feet to be severely twisted. The Ponseti Method, a non-surgical foot manipulation, casting, and bracing technique, makes it possible to cure almost all cases of clubfoot. MOi successfully incorporated the Ponseti method into 27 government hospitals throughout Vietnam. In 2014, the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment was approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Health, officially integrating it into the National Health System. Now more babies affected by this congenital deformity are able to access care and live a life free of disability.




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