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One By One helps women and girls suffering with obstetric fistula access life-changing treatment. One By One’s teams do intensive rural outreach to find fistula patients who are usually living in isolation.  They pay for their transport to a treatment facility and cover the full cost of their treatment. Women return home with their dignity restored, able to resume productive lives.

Rosalina, One By One Regional Representative


“It is possible to have a healthy baby after having surgery for obstetric fistula,” Rosalina tells her clients. She recently gave birth to her fourth child, a baby girl.

Following obstructed labor with her third child, Rosalina developed an obstetric fistula and leaked urine uncontrollably. She could no longer care for her family or work, and her husband abandoned her. Rosalina went to live with her aunt.  During her stay there, she was able to have successful surgery to treat her fistula and regain her health.
“I never give up on anybody...”
As a One By One Regional Representative, Rosalina has helped 42 women and girls seek treatment for obstetric fistula. From her own personal experience living with fistula for many years, Rosalina understands the isolation, shame, and helplessness all too well.

“I never give up on anybody, even if they get angry with me because they are afraid or they are still having problems, because I know how bad it is to have obstetric fistula.  Many women come and stay at my house before going to Gynocare Fistula Center for surgery, so we can talk about how they will get better.” 




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