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December 12, 2014
December 14, 2014
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One Equal Heart Foundation works in direct relationship with Tseltal Maya communities to address root causes of food poverty in rural Chiapas, Mexico. In collaboration with our partner organizations, we improve family health and nutrition and build sustainable communities through programs that are long-term, comprehensive, and holistic.

Healthy Families Project

One Equal Heart’s Healthy Families Project treats hundreds of malnourished children under the age of five with “chilim,” a supplement made of local ingredients and suited to Tseltal Maya tastes.
“Our children are growing, and we don’t get sick as often. We are eating better.”
This early intervention is critical for children, but the Healthy Families Project is more than a feeding program. One Equal Heart understands that to make an enduring impact, programs must attend to the nutritional needs of entire families and improve their living conditions. Their Chiapas partners train and support volunteer health promoters who work with the mothers of treated children, teaching the basics of nutrition and hygiene and how to prepare nutritious meals with local ingredients.
Volunteer agro-ecology promoters take this work one step further: they provide ongoing technical assistance to families as they maximize food production and improve their living conditions with cleaner-burning stoves, water filters, and composting latrines. “Our children are growing, and we don’t get sick as often. We are eating better,” say the women of the C’anxanil Village Nutrition Committee.




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