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December 5, 2014
December 7, 2014
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Rwanda Girls Initiative

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Rwanda Girls Initiative

Rwanda Girls Initiative provides education for adolescent girls.  This education gives them a chance to succeed in advanced studies at local or international universities, colleges, and technical schools, and to ultimately become the future leaders of their communities and country.


Born in rural Rwanda, Sandra dreamed of a brighter future for herself and her country.  In 2010, she enrolled in the Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology, a school started by the Rwanda Girls Initiative.  She “wanted to be surrounded by smart girls who have dreams,” like she does. Sandra spoke three languages, none of which were English.  Through hard work and the support of her teachers, Sandra is now fluent in English.
“Sandra wanted to be surrounded by smart girls who have dreams.”
Rwanda Girls Initiative provides the facilities, teachers, and materials necessary to give students like Sandra every opportunity to succeed.  With her strong academic performance and TOEFL test result, Sandra was admitted to the Class of 2018 at Seattle University.  

Sandra is majoring in nursing because she wants to change how Rwandans value nursing as a career.  “Rwandans believe nurses aren’t worthy of treating patients because nurses lack proper training and education.  Seattle University will provide me with the opportunity to return to my country and be a leader in the field.”




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