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December 17, 2014
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December 20, 2014
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Splash cleans water for kids. Using commercially proven technology – the same used by leading global food chains and hotels – Splash secures world-class water filtration for kids who would otherwise rely on unclean water in their schools, orphanages, or other institutions. Beyond this, Splash both creates and delivers hygiene education programs, and also partners with local experts in sanitation, thereby advancing the full complement of WASH (“Water, Sanitation & Hygiene”) interventions required to fight water-borne illness.

Clean Water for Schools and Orphanages

In 2008, Splash set the audacious goal of ensuring clean water for every single orphanage in China. Splash is on track to have installed water filtration capacity in 1,200 orphanages, covering all 31 provinces, by 2016. Splash then anticipates exiting from direct services in China, leaving in its wake a functional, financially independent model – covering service and maintenance – that continues to monitor and ensure clean water for years to come in all of China’s orphanages.
Ensuring clean water for every orphanage in China
Much like in China, Splash also works at scale in India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Bangladesh – with a tailored exit strategy sustained by local businesses and leveraged with local governments. In addition to 100 percent coverage of orphanages in China, Splash aims to reach every public school in Kathmandu (Nepal), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Kolkata (India), and more.




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